Creative Craft 2022 -23

The students of Saraswathi Kendra channelize their Creativity and Imagination through Craft on daily basis. Working with vibrant hues, various materials and on variety of ideas is a therapeutic experience. The Primary Students have worked with Cotton, Colours and made Collages with thumb impressions. They have used Scribbling method and Stuck papers & wood to create their craft. Junior I Students have worked with Pencil Shavings, Sequins, Ribbons, Wood Powder and also learnt 3D Effect. Junior III Students have shown their creativity through Ice Cream Sticks. They also created Rangoli Designs and Worli Art.

Preparatory Students used Sketch Pens, Colour Pencils and Poster Colours to create Madhubani Art, Worli Art and Landscaping. Pre – Secondary Students made Pencil Pouches using Colourful Wires.

Crafty Creations are here for you!


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