Creative writing and essays


By Tulasi

Last Friday, on the 14th of July, me and my friends from school had a very nice time. We all went to school and from there, students of Prep 2, 3 and 4 went on a field trip to the Blue Cross, Chennai.

Blue Cross is a place where they take care if sick and lonely animals and birds. First, we went to see the birds. We saw crows and pigeons which had been hurt and were getting cured. Then we went to see kittens. They all looked cute but were frightened when we went close. We then went to see pigs who were very smelly. Last, we went to see my favourite animal, puppies! We were allowed to pet them a little. We had taken food and newspapers for them and we donated it to Blue Cross.

We all had a great time. I want to do this again soon. We realised that animals need love and care, just the way we all do.


By Mukta Anand

Once upon a time there lived a young man named Kailash. He was fair, and was very fit. He lived in a small village called Tempura.He had his own juice shop in the shades of pine tree.His shop was famous for his pine juice which can cure all kind of problems. One fine day a dark, tall and thin man with a beard came running towards his shop.He was the best friend of Kailash. His name was Suresh and he looked funny. He came to the shop and said to Kailash that one person from the village is in danger. Kailash asked “who was that and what happened” Suresh replied “the young lady who lives in the Anchor’s Road”. Kailashsaid “ooo the girl who has her own grand bungalow”. Suresh said that it’s not the time to talk these things. Kailash apologized and they continued the talk.

Kailash: “how much juice u want?”

Suresh: “ten”

Kailash: “ooo sorry I only have five”

Suresh: “so what we will do”

Kailash: “I have an idea”

Suresh: “what idea”

Kailash: “I will climb the tree and pick some pine cones”

Suresh: “ok do it fast”

So,Kailash took six pine cones from the tree so if someone asked he can give. When he was cutting the cone, he noticed a small chit in the fifth cone.He opened it,it was written as “go to back side of the pine tree”. He followed it and when he reached the back side of the tree he saw an opening,he jumped in and he found a fire stand he took it and started walking.It was more than an hourand his marathon didn’tfinish. He continuedtill it got over and he found a chest in the end.He opened it and saw some staircase.Suddenly the fire got off.Kailash was scared now and took out his phone and turned on the torch.With the help of the torch he went down and found a button, when he pressed the button he hear some noise and saw some arrows coming towards him and when he was running he fell inside and when he opened his eyes he found he was in a place that was really hot and brighter than earth. And saw a chest in front of him when he opened it he found a chest full of golden pine cones and saw a door when he opened it he came to his juice shop so he slowly pulled the chest and reached his shop suddenly remembered that he hasanorder “oh!!! I have to make 10 pine juices what I will do now” and checked his phone and the time was the same when he entered in and so in full speed he started and finished it within 10 minutes and ran and gave it to the girl’s house and she was saved and using the golden pine cones he lived happily

Swachh Bharath mission of SKLC

By Vasudha.S

I started at 10:00 am from my school with my classmates in a van to Mylapore Kapaleeshwar temple. They gave us masks, gloves, a rake, broomsticks and a big plastic bag to clean the road. Me and my friends worked as a team to clean the roads. We stuck posters on the walls on avoiding plastics and reusing them to keep our environment clean.  After that, we put posters saying “Swachh Bharat Mission; Ek Kadam, Swachhatha Ki Or”. The photographers took photographs of me and my team. The senior students of Grove School were also with us. At the end, they gave us milkshake and juice to drink. We had great fun. Then we removed our gloves and masks and went back to school. It was great fun cleaning the road! I got a message to take back and spread to my friends and family.

Here’s what our students had to say about their first day at SKLC.

Here’s what our students came up with when they were given a chance to express their thoughts and feelings about ‘The first day of school’. Some of them decided to let their thoughts flow through words while another bunch chose to express it through drawings and colours.

Scroll down; it’s definitely going to bring a wide smile on your faces. 🙂

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