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Swachh Bharath mission of SKLC

By Vasudha.S

I started at 10:00 am from my school with my classmates in a van to Mylapore Kapaleeshwar temple. They gave us masks, gloves, a rake, broomsticks and a big plastic bag to clean the road. Me and my friends worked as a team to clean the roads. We stuck posters on the walls on avoiding plastics and reusing them to keep our environment clean.  After that, we put posters saying “Swachh Bharat Mission; Ek Kadam, Swachhatha Ki Or”. The photographers took photographs of me and my team. The senior students of Grove School were also with us. At the end, they gave us milkshake and juice to drink. We had great fun. Then we removed our gloves and masks and went back to school. It was great fun cleaning the road! I got a message to take back and spread to my friends and family.

Here’s what our students had to say about their first day at SKLC.

Here’s what our students came up with when they were given a chance to express their thoughts and feelings about ‘The first day of school’. Some of them decided to let their thoughts flow through words while another bunch chose to express it through drawings and colours.

Scroll down; it’s definitely going to bring a wide smile on your faces. 🙂

By Niyaz Ahmed, Sec-III

By Niyaz Ahmed, Sec-III

By Nandita Gulati, Sec- III

By Nandita Gulati, Sec- III

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