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Annual day celebration- February 17, 2017

Saraswathi Kendra Learning Centre celebrated its 32nd Annual day on the 17th of February. Mrs. Arundathi Swamy, a well renowned counsellor, was the Chief Guest for the evening.

Saraswathi Kendra’s annual days have always been a special occasion for all the teachers, students and parents. It is one of the days when our students unleash the artist within.

The evening began with a prayer song by the students to invoke the blessings of the Almighty. This was followed by a review of the year’s events and activities in a glance by Principal Mrs.Geetha Mohan. Following this, the school’s annual magazine “Miracles” was released by the Chief Guest and the first copy was received by Dr.Nanditha Krishna. Subsequently, Mrs.Arundathi Swamy addressed the gathering and gave a motivating speech. Before commencing the variety entertainment programme, prizes and certificates were distributed to the star performers of the year for each class.

The variety entertainment programs began with a beautiful invocation dance depicting Ashta Lakshmi. This was followed by Piplivan, a colourful drama put up by the primary students. It took us back to the woods! Next, the SKLC quire entertained everyone with a Bengali song. Behind the scenes, Snow white and the seven dwarfs were getting prepped up to take us back to fairy land and successfully did so by enacting one of our favourite childhood stories. Next was the “Naveena villu paatu” which conveyed a strong message to the current generation with a blend of entertainment. Following this, we were taken back to the Shakespearean era as the senior students enacted the famous court room scene from Merchant of Venice. Their acting was commendable! The yoga performance which followed conveyed the benefits of many asanas which can be followed on a everyday basis. The formations and flow of the performance was much appreciated by everyone at the hall. Following this came the bamboo dance which spoke of co-ordination, synchronicity and perfection. The sound of the bamboos clapping against each other added more melody to the music. The final program for the evening was gymnastics and aerobics. The gymnastic performance took the audience by awe. The performers were often found flying in air with ease. Their flexibility and timing kept the audience at the edge of their seats! The final aerobic performance filled the space with energetic music. It was uniquely performed with the use of many props. It was a moment of pride when our Indian Olympic achievers were brought into the picture by the students. We are hoping to see our students get there someday!

On the whole, it was an entertaining evening which wrapped with applauses and oodles of appreciation. J

Here are a few moments which were caught on camera!

























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