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Ganesh Chathurthy celebration- September 2, 2016

Ganesh Chathurthy was celebrated in a grand manner at our institution on the 2nd of September. Idols of Lord Ganesha were decorated, an auspicious Pooja was done, Mrs.Leela chanted slokas and one of our students took the role of the pandit to offer flowers to the Lord’s Idol. Following this, there was group music performed by our students after which the girls performed a beautiful dance to add more glory to the celebrations.

Each of our students brought a fruit which was offered to the God. After the prayer, these fruits were cut and distributed to all the students along with sundal and sweet aval.

The students contributed drawings and art works of Lord Ganesh in various forms for a mega chart work which had 32 different Ganesha with 32 different slokas for each one of them. On the whole, was a blessed and eventful day. 🙂

May we all receive showers of blessings and have an obstacle free life. 🙂






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