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Student elections- 5 July, 2016

On the 5th of July, student leaders were elected for the academic year 2016-2017. A special meeting was organised where the heads of the institution briefed the students about the roles of each of the leaders. The sports teams for the current academic year were also formed. Each of the students who were called out to execute various roles and responsibilities were welcomed with loud applauses by their fellow school mates.

Here is a list of the posts and the respective leaders

Post Names
School Pupil Leader Rajpurush Sundar
Assistant School Pupil Leader P.Kyathi
Sports Captains Varun Anandh


Assistant Sports Captains A.Niyaz Ahmed

Sai Diya

Cultural Secretary Tanya
Assistant Cultural Secretary Lynda Miram Mathews
Assembly S.Lokajit

Frank Daveston

Canteen S.V.Vigneshrajh


Teacher Assistant Council R.Parvesh Raisinghani


Preeth S. Kothari

Audio in-charge B.S.Rubhaganth
Line of control Adithya Ayush

Sports group captains

Group Captain Assistant Captain
Cheetah Mustafa Juzar Vevina Susan
Jaguars Shreya Narayanan Nandita Gulati
Panthers V.Shraman Kavhya Suraj

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