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Kalamkari demonstration – 24th July, 2015

A person without knowledge about one’s culture is like a tree without roots. It is necessary that we impart our cultural knowledge to the following generations, not only to keep our culture evergreen but also to make sure that the upcoming generations are rooted ethnically. Every year, Saraswathi Kendra Learning Centre conducts workshops or demonstrations on one form of Indian art to teach the students a new form of art and also to enhance their knowledge about the rich and ancient art and culture of our country. This year, on July 24th, there was an interactive Kalamkari demonstration session for the seniors conducted by Mrs. Gayatri Srikanth of Craft Council of India.

“Kalamkari” meaning “Pen Work” is a form of art done on cloth where a bamboo stem is used as the pen and natural vegetable dyes, roots, leaves and minerals as the ink. The session began with an introduction about the art form’s background, origin, tools and method. Following this, there was a live demonstration by an expert Kalamkari artist after which each of our students tried their hand at the art. We were extremely delighted to witness the level of patience and precision with which our children drew and painted minute details on cloth.

Here’s a glimpse of the demonstration and our budding artists at work.

IMG_20150724_105711452 IMG_20150724_105406278

IMG_20150724_104301721 IMG_20150724_104523371 IMG_20150724_101332891 IMG_20150724_105103620




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