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Art therapy internship programme- July 20th to 31st July, 2015

“The healthiest form of projection is art.” – Fritz Perls

Art therapy has the ability to transform pain into beauty. It has been practiced at our school on a regular basis with the guidance of an expert in art therapy. Every year, we have art therapy students from the United States interning at our school for a period of about two weeks. This year, we had three students, Amelia, Ariana and Carina who were pursuing art therapy from the George Washington University.

They were actively involved in conducting individual art therapy sessions as well as group art therapy sessions for students from various levels. They introduced the concept of an “Open Studio” which was greatly welcomed by the students and active throughout the day. In the open studio, each day the students were given different art supplies to work on ranging from sketches and crayons to colour paper and sticks. Our psychologists also tried their hand at the open studio along with the students. It was a lively experience for both the students and the interns. On the  July 31st, we bid good bye to them with a small memento. They had had a truly experiential learning and we are looking forward to assist, encourage and accommodate many more interns in the near future to enrich their learning experience as well as those of our own students.




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