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SKLC office bearers- 10th July, 2015

The most awaited day had arrived! The student office bearers and house captains for the academic year 2015-2016 were selected and announced at a special assembly on the 10th of July. The atmosphere was filled with excitement, happiness, surprises, enthusiasm and of course, loud applauses. Did we just say surprises? Yes! Most of the students who were selected to perform various roles least expected it! Assigning roles and responsibilities is not just about choosing the best student, but rather about identifying the dormant abilities in the potential students and unveiling them. As John.F.Kennedy puts it, leadership and learning are indispensible to each other.
On the 13th of July, the office bearers and the house captains addressed the students and we could already witness the keenness in them to perform their roles.
Office bearers 2015-2016

School Pupil Leader K.C.Kaushik
Assistant School Pupil Leader Gurnoor
Cultural Secretary Niveditha
Assistant Cultural Secretary Kevin and Vevina
Sports Captain Kartik Ram
Assistant Sports Captain Keertana, Shanya and Varum Anand
Line OF Control Preeth Kothari and Raj Purush
Canteen Prithvik Rajkumar and Mustafa
Assembly Nandita Gulati and Lokajit
Staff Aide Apeksha and Vasundra

House captains 2015-2016

Groups Captain Vice Captain
Cheetahs K.S.Aneesh Tokito
Jaguars Kavhya Suraj A.D.Madhu
Panthers Lynda Niyaz Ahmed

Other than this, the Glee Club will be active and back on track from this year and will be lead by Vevina. For all those who’re wondering what this club is all about, it’s a club where small meetings, activities and competitions are held on art, dance, music, recitation and much more!

Congratulations and all the very best to all the office bearers and house captains!

Be the kind of leader you would follow. 🙂

SKLC Office bearers 2015-2016

SKLC Office bearers 2015-2016


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