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Bullying Awareness Program-July 2 & 3, 2015

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.” –Robert Frost

Bullying is a common phenomenon which can be observed in almost all schools and colleges.  Most of the students who engage in bullying fail to realize the serious consequences of their actions. Moreover, they don’t know as to where to draw a line, resulting in the inability to distinguish between bullying and “having fun”.  Children who had been victims of bullying in their previous schools don’t tend to step beyond their comfort zone and relate to others which may inhibit the child from socializing with classmates and peers.

On July 2, 2015, an interactive bullying awareness program was conducted for the senior students by our psychologists- Ms. Anu Vidya and Ms. Rajamadhu along with the help of our senior teachers. The main purpose of the awareness program was to make students understand what bullying means, what makes a child become a bully and the effects of bullying on the victim as well as the bully. Towards the end of the day’s session, the students were free to put forth their doubts regarding bullying. The students were then split into groups and each group received a situation which was to be performed as a role play on the following day.

On July, 3, 2015 we witnessed something unusual. The playground was almost empty during the break and lunch hours! On the contrary, there was a lot of hustle bustle happening in our assembly hall. A couple of steps towards the hall and we realized that the students were busy preparing for the role play! No, the students were not being marked on this. No, they didn’t receive any extra credits for this. No, they weren’t forced to put up a good show. Despite all this, when the session began, we got to witness seven realistic and thoughtful role plays, each with a unique story of their own! Just an hour’s session on the previous day had made such a great impact on them! The role play clearly revealed that the intention of the awareness program was fulfilled! We are glad about the program’s success and we’re looking forward to conduct more such session in the near future. 🙂

IMG-20150714-WA0036 IMG-20150714-WA0038 IMG-20150714-WA0039 IMG-20150714-WA0040


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